Quote of the Week: Spring 2017, Week 10

You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Think of something you’ve accomplished that was difficult. What enabled you to  achieve it? For example, did you ask others for help, do research, make a lot of effort, practice until you could do it?
  • Think of something you’d like to do, but aren’t sure you can do. Maybe you can achieve it by doing some of the same kinds of actions that helped you to achieve the accomplishment in the previous question. Try doing some freewriting, starting with this: I’ll be able to _______ (fill in the thing you want to do), when I ________ (list possible actions that might help you to reach your goal).
  • Imagine you have a friend who lacks self-confidence, but who you think has a lot of talent and potential. What advice would you give her?
  • Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of President Franklin Roosevelt, was an activist who dramatically changed the role of First Lady. She took strong public positions for human rights and women’s rights and against racism. The above link from her name includes a short biographical video that gives more information about her.