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Can I use my Copy Card at other campuses? Can I use my copy or print card from another campus at Leeward CC?
No. A copy/print card or print account can only be used at the campus that issued it. This is because of limitations of the technology, and because of the way that the costs of providing copying and printing services are paid for in the university system. Simply put, there's no way for the money that is put onto a card at one campus to be sent to another campus where the copy or printout is actually made.

Be aware that as of Fall 2015, we have switched over using a new print management system, and our old print cards cannot be used.
Can I buy or sell my textbooks at the library?
No, textbook sales and buy-backs are handled by the campus bookstore. You can call them at 455-0205.
Can I borrow my textbooks from the library?
In most cases, no. The library generally does not purchase textbooks to add to its collection, because they change frequently, and cost more than our book budget can bear. Instructors sometimes place copies of textbooks that they own into the Reserve collection, so they can be used in the library, or in some cases, be borrowed for several days. To see if your instructor has placed a textbook in the Reserve collection, you can view the list of items on Reserve. If you want to check to see if the library does own a copy of the book you need, you can search the online library catalog, but you need to know the title (and ideally, the author as well) of the book you are looking for. Be aware that doing a regular non-reserve search in the online catalog will not find instructor-owned books.
Can you tell me what my textbooks are?
No, we don't have the list. But you can go to the campus bookstore's Textbooks page and look for the "Textbook List" link.
Can I borrow books and videos from other UH libraries?
In most cases, yes. Leeward CC students, staff, and faculty can borrow circulating books and videos at other University of Hawaiʻi libraries, and can also request that materials from other UH libraries be brought in for pickup at the Leeward CC Library or at the Waiʻanae campus. For more details, see the Transfers, Holds, and Recalls page. Some materials may be unavailable, because of the policies of the owning library.
Can I return books borrowed from other libraries to the Leeward CC Library? Can I return my Leeward CC Library books to other libraries?
You can return most items borrowed from a library of the University of Hawaiʻi system to any other UH system library. So generally speaking, yes, you can return our books to Honolulu CC, or drop off a UH-Mānoa book with us, and the book will be checked in and returned to its home library.

  • Audiovisual items borrowed from the Wong AV Center at Sinclair Library on the UH-Mānoa campus should be returned directly to them, because many of their items are heavily used, and often scheduled to be used at certain times by instructors in their classes.
  • Laptop computers and iPads borrowed from the Leeward CC Library must be returned to the Leeward CC Library, and should not be taken off campus.

You cannot return our books to non-UH libraries, or return non-UH system books to us.
How do I access the wireless network?
The campus wireless network system is available on both floors of the library. Connect to the system named "LEE". Start a web browser to view the login screen for the wireless system, and log in with your UH username and password. See the Information Technology Group's wireless page for more information, including how to register your personally-owned devices for wireless access without having to log in. Or you can go directly to the Wireless Passthrough page to register your personal computers and devices.
Why can't I access the research databases available to students and faculty at UH-Mānoa?
For most commercially-produced databases, subscription fees are based on the number of students at a campus. Therefore, the cost of a multi-campus subscription is much higher than for a single-campus subscription. As a fiscal necessity, there are many databases that are only licensed for use by one or a few campuses. Students and faculty at non-subscribing campuses are not eligible to use these databases.
Can I download e-books into my portable reader device (iPad, Nook, Kindle, etc.) from the Leeward CC Library, like I can from the public library?
The ebrary e-book service allows downloading via an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app or an Android app. You can also download ebrary e-books to Windows and Mac computers after installing free Adobe® Digital Editions software, and from your computer you can transfer e-books to many other types of tablets and e-reader devices with ADE-compatible reader apps. The downloaded books are viewable for 14 days. You can also download portions of books as non-expiring PDF files. See ebrary's download options page for more details.

EBSCOhost eBook Collection also allows downloading. You need Adobe® Digital Editions to view an e-book. Note that downloaded UH Press titles can only be viewed offline for an hour, due to contractual restrictions.

If you are looking to download classic works of literature, check out Project Gutenberg, which provides electronic versions of thousands of public-domain books in various formats compatible with different e-readers.
Who can use the library?
Anyone is welcome to come to the library and use library materials inside the building. To borrow library materials, request materials from other UH libraries, use a group study room, or use the wireless network, you need to be a UH student, staff, or faculty member. You can get limited borrowing privileges by purchasing a Community Card. Only Leeward CC students, staff, and faculty can use our online research databases outside of the library.
Do you carry tax forms?
We no longer receive state or federal tax forms and publications. You may download State of Hawaiʻi tax forms and publications from the Department of Taxation and federal forms and publications from the Internal Revenue Service. If you use library computers to download and print these forms, you will need to pay for your printouts.
Do you carry voter registration forms?
Irregularly. You can also download the form from the Office of Elections.
Do you carry bus schedules?
We normally do not. You might find some in the Student Lounge on the second floor of the Campus Center building. You can find bus schedules on Oʻahu Transit Services' TheBus.org website. Route 73 serves the Leeward CC Pearl City campus, and you can download the timetable and route map. You can view our Bus Arrival Times page for real-time projected arrival times at the Leeward CC campus bus stop and the nearby Farrington Highway bus stops.
Why is the library always so cold?
The library is kept a particular temperature to control mold and insects, both very harmful to books. We recommend bringing a sweater or jacket if you plan to stay in the library for any length of time.
Can I eat in the library?
Covered beverages and snack-type foods are allowed throughout most of the library, with some exceptions. Please see the full Food and Drink Policy for details.
Where is room LC-108 (or L-108)?
Where is room LC-116 (or L-116)?
Where is the ITV room in the Library (or Learning Commons) building?
If you are taking a class over the university's Interactive Television system, you might be told that your class is in room L-108, L-108A, L-108B, L-116, LC-108, LC-116, or the ITV room. These all refer to small classroom/studio rooms inside the Educational Media Center on the ground floor of the Learning Commons building (formerly known as the Library building). This is the level below the library. Enter the EMC through the hallway in the middle of the east (Diamond Head) side of the building. The EMC entrance is room LC-116, so you may see signs directing you to LC-116 on the outside of the building.
Where is room LC-102 (or L-102)?
LC-102 is a computer classroom on the ground floor of the Learning Commons building (formerly known as the Library building). This is the level below the library. It is on the west (ʻEwa) side of the building.
Where is the bathroom?
There are men's and women's restrooms on both floors. Men's restrooms are next to the stairs on the east side of the building, women's restrooms are next to the stairs on the west side of the building.
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