Partnerships and Outreach Highlights 2015-2016

Na Keiki Puni Moʻolelo

Nearly 200 fourth-grade students from Waianae Elementary and Kamaile Academy schools experience a full day of activities related to the performing arts, visual arts, and literacy.

Online Q&A in STEM Education Project

Partnership with the UHM Library and Information Science Program on a project involving information literacy, evaluation of user-generated Web resources, and the viability of online Q&A in STEM education.

Seed Share

Collaboration between the Library, Living Lab, and horticulture classes to prepare, package, and provide seeds to support a more sustainable food system.

Finals Countdown

A joint effort by the Library, Learning Resource Center, and Writing Center to offer students additional support during the period leading up to finals. Supported with funding provided by the Budget & Finance Committee.

Epic Rap Battles of History

Collaboration between a librarian and instructors to teach students to use library resources, evaluate websites, and properly cite those sources over multiple session modeled around the Epic Rap Battles of History