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Library Services 2016-17

Service Points and Hours of Service

Five service points on two campuses provide 145 hours of service each week during the Fall and Spring semesters. Services points on the Pearl City campus include Circulation desk, LC Floor 2, Kapunawai, LC Floor 2, Reference Desk, LC Floor 3, and Halau Ike O Puuloa. That's a lot of services to students and it's always with a friendly smile!

Library reference hours at Kapunawai, Halau, and Waiʻanae campus are provided by our Hawaiʻi-Pacific Resources Librarian, a Title III grant funded position.

Traffic & Usage

Gate counts record visitors entering the Learning Commons. Total visits = Total Gate Counts ÷ 2. Total visits to the Learning Commons = 183,186. Average visits per day = 1,035. Daily high head count: 1,857 on 8/29/16 and 1,718 on 4/19/17.

How many of these visits are to the Kimo Bean Cafe? To learn that we'll need to find out how many cups of coffee they serve.


Head counts are taken every hour throughout the day. The Library is busiest right before lunchtime at 11:30 and our daily high head count averages around 99 people on two floors. The daily high library headcount was 209 on 9/15/16 at 11:30 and 143 on 2/21/17 at 10:30.

Head counts are for Library-managed spaces only and exclude Kimo Bean Cafe, Writing Center, and the LRC.

Questions & Requests

Questions and requests are tracked using an online data collection platform. Generated reports provide insights into the types of services requested and overall demand for these services. This information is used to schedule desk coverage and to monitor the impact of changes to operations, services, policies, and procedures. The chart shows the types of requests at the Library Reference Desk, Kapunawai, Halau, and Wai'anae. The most common question in 2016-17 was for Print/computer/equipment at 30%, followed by Research/Assignments at 29%, General Library/Find Books at 26%, and Directional/Miscellaneous at 16%. Compared with 2015-16, there was a 4% decline in Print/Computer/Equipment questions, 2% increase in Research/Assignment questions, 3% increase in General Library/Find Books questions, and no change for Directional/Miscellaneous questions.

The second chart shows the types of requests at the Library Circulation Desk. The most common question in 2016-17 was Borrow Laptops/iPads at 45%, Print/Computer Help at 14%, Find or Borrow Books/DVDs at 19% and Directional, IDs, Study Rooms, Etc. at 22%. Compared with 2015-16, there was a 9% increase in Borrow Laptops/iPad requests, 4% decrease in Print/Computer Help requests, no change in Find or Borrow Books/DVDs requests, and a 5% decrease in Directional, IDs, Study Rooms, Etc. requests.


Our Library circulates more items than any other UHCC campus. In fact, we circulate 44% of all items circulated by all the UHCC campuses on Oahu. In 2016-17 we circulated 25,068 items. Honolulu CC circulated 6,687 items, Kapiolani CC circulated 15,000 items, and Windward CC circulation 10,600 items. Our circulation staff members are busy! That said, there was an 11% decline in items circulated last year in comparison with 2015-16 when 28,201 items were circulated. This is a development we will be monitoring closely over the next year.

This was a snapshot of some of the services, activities, and usage at the Library over the past year.

A dynamic version of this infographic is at Piktochart

Posted July 21, 2017