Description of Video: Placing Holds on Library Items in Voyager

On the library home page's search section, the Hawaiʻi Voyager link is clicked. Voyager opens in a new browser tab with the Basic Search interface. A message appears saying, "Search for an items that interests you." In the Search By menu, the Title Begins With option is selected. In the search entry box, the words "white oleander" are typed in.

A full record display for the book White Oleander: A Novel appears. A message appears saying, "Check its location and status!" The screen is scrolled down to show the Holdings Information section, and the location and status are indicated. The screen is scrolled up. A message appears saying, "Click on 'Get This Item'." The Get This Item link along the right side of the screen is clicked.

A login screen appears with two options: a U.H. Students, Faculty and Staff box with a Login button, and a Not U.H. box with entry boxes for barcode and last name. Next to the fist box, a message appears saying, "Click here to login with your U H username and password." Another screen with entry boxes for username and password appears and is filled in.

A Voyager screen with a Get This Item menu appears, and a message appears saying, "Select 'Hold or transfer this item'." That link is clicked, and a Hold or Transfer This Item screen appears with various buttons, menus, and entry boxes. A message appears saying, "If there's multiple copies, you can choose which one you'd like." The LCC General copy is selected. A message appears saying, "Choose the pick-up location." The Leeward CC option is selected. A message appears saying, "Add a comment if you're at LCC-Waianae and want the item delivered there...or if there's any other special requests." The Submit Request button is clicked.

The full record display reappears, with a yellow box at the top of the screen that says, "You request was successful. You will receive an email when your item is ready to be picked up." A message appears saying, "Submit, then check to make sure your request was successful."