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ENG 212: New WI course for spring 2013

The Language Arts division provides an array of courses that can satisfy the general education and transfer requirements for students. You will find classes to fit your schedule at a variety of days and  times on campus. We also offer several online courses, if you prefer to learn from home. Our instructors strive to provide challenging and relevant courses that will prepare you for your future careers and promote your personal development.

**** Is the section you want closed? Wait Listing available for Fall 2011 registration.

Beginning April, wait listing will be available to students who register for Fall 2011*.  For more information visit

* Not all sections offer the wait listing option.

** Finish ENG 22 and ENG 100 in one semester! Begins Fall 2011.

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)

In Fall 2011, Leeward Community College students, like you, have a chance to experience a pilot progam that is designed to move you more quickly through your writing courses.

With the Accelerated Learning Program, English 22 will be taken concurrently with English 100. That means you'll complete both English 22 and English 100 in one semester, and then you'll be able to move to your Writing Intensive courses.

Clickers in the Classroom!


Clickers®  Anyone?
Students may find a fun change in the classroom soon.  Many Language Arts faculty will be using "Clickers" in the their classrooms.   What are Clickers®? They are small handheld devices used by students to participate in lectures. Through the credit card sized clickers, students submit responses to interactive questions posed by the instructor.

If my instructor is sick and cancels class, how will I know?

The division office staff will place a sign on the classroom door to inform students that class is cancelled.  If there is no sign, however, students may leave 20 minutes after the class start time.



Course Descriptions - Speech (SP)

  • SP 151 Personal and Public Speech (3)
  • SP 251 Principles of Effective Public Speaking (3)

Check for class availability


Contact Information
Carleen Yokotake, Speech Discipline Coordinator
Phone: (808) 455-0337
Email: cyoko [at] hawaii [dot] edu

I took Spanish in high school. If I want to take Spanish classes at LCC, do I need to start with SPAN 101?

No, you may contact one of our Spanish instructors and request a placement test.  If the instructor feels that you know enough to take the higher level course, he/she may do a prerequisite override.  Go to the "Spanish" webpage for our instructor names and course descriptions. Prerequisite overrides are available for other foreign language courses, too.  Contact the appropriate instructor.

Spanish (SPAN)

The Spanish program at the University of Hawai’i, Leeward Community College Campus, offers introductory and intermediate courses. Our faculty are committed to teaching at the highest intellectual level, to facilitating the students’ learning of the Spanish language as well as to familiarizing the students with the Hispanic culture.


Reading (ENG)

Leeward Community College offers several courses that are designed to improve students’ ability to understand, learn from – and remember – information presented in complex nonfiction material, like college textbooks and journal articles.  Most of these will fulfill University of Hawai`i prerequisite requirements; all include instruction in college-success strategies.