Leeward Community College offers a wide variety of courses that will help students to improve and refine their written communication skills. Many of these courses will fulfill University of Hawai`i prerequisite requirements and writing intensive requirements for the A.A., A.S., B.A. and B.S. degrees, as well as the Academic Subject Certificate in Writing. 

Course Descriptions - English (ENG)

  • ENG 100: Composition I (3)
  • ENG 100E: Composition (3) For non-native speakers of English only.
  • ENG 200: Composition II (3)
  • ENG 204: Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
  • ENG 207: Fiction Workshop (3)
  • ENG 208: Poetry Workshop (3)
  • ENG 209: Business Writing (3)
  • ENG 211: Autobiographical Writing (3)
  • ENG 225: Technical Writing (3)

For students who need preparation prior to taking ENG 100, Leeward CC also offers:

  • ENG 24: Reading, Reasoning, and Writing (6)
  • ENG 100 with ENG 22 - (ALP) Accelerated Learning Program (6)

For information on placement in ENG 24, ALP, and ENG 100, click here. For courses ENG 200 and above, students must have taken ENG 100 and earned a grade of C or higher.

To accommodate the needs of our student body, the Writing Discipline offers traditional classroom instruction as well as accelerated courses, online courses, and evening and weekend courses.

Check for class availability.

Contact Information:

Michelle Igarashi, Dev Ed  and CTE English Coordinator
Phone: (808) 455-0339
Fax: (808) 455-0640
Email: migarash [at] hawaii.edu

Susan Waldman, College-Level English Coordinator
Phone: (808) 455-0428
Fax: (808) 455-0640
Email: swaldman [at] hawaii.edu