Chinese has been designated as a critically essential language by the US government, and the increasing number of Chinese visitors to Hawaii has resulted in an increased demand for Chinese language instruction.

CHN 101 and CHN 102 serve as elective credits toward the A.A. degree and applies toward the foreign language requirement at UHM. It is also designed to function in harmony with the college's mission (2008-2009 Catalog). It is accessible to all who want to study Chinese, and the instructors hold high standards to ensure students' learning. It prepares students to enter the work force and aids in their personal development. In addition, students will learn to work collaboratively and build leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and establish a network of support among their peers within the community. Moreover, students will have an opportunity to interact with native speakers of Chinese which will broaden their horizons as to the diversity of not only the community they live in, but more importantly the world. 

Course Descriptions - Chinese (CHN)

  • CHN 101: Elementary Chinese I (4)
  • CHN 102: Elementary Chinese II (4)
  • CHN 111: Elementary Conversational Chinese I (3)
  • CHN 201 Intermediate Chinese I (4)
  • CHN 202: Intermediate Chinese II (4)