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  • Chinese (CHN) - 4 credits
  • French (FR) - 4 credits
  • Hawaiian (HAW) - 4 credits
  • Japanese (JPNS) - 4 credits
  • Korean (KOR) - 4 credits
  • Spanish (SPAN) - 3 credits
  • Tagalog (TAG) - 4 credits

    Special Offerings:

    - Study Abroard Program provides students with opportunities to take courses for credit in other countries, such as Spain, Mexico, Japan, Korea, etc. Click here for more information.

    - Credit-by-Exam - With instructor approval, currently enrolled students may take instructor-made examinations covering the material in a specific Leeward CC course if the student feels he/she has learned the concepts and skills elsewhere.  Student may contact instructors teaching the specific course they wish to challenge.


    Other Activities:

    • Annual Essay/Poetry Contest for Hawaiian, Japanese, and Spanish high school students in the Leeward area.

    • Japan Circle (Student Club)

    • Field Trips







    Lacey Northrup, Lecturer in Chinese
    Email: laceyn [at] hawaii [dot] edu
    Phone: (808) 455-0618


    Hye Ri Joo, Lecturer in Korean
    Email: hyeri [at] hawaii [dot] edu
    Phone: 455-0330





    Kepa Badis


    Email: badis [at] hawaii [dot] edu
    Phone: (808) 455-0426




    Westin Carvalho-Munar, Lecturer in Hawaiian
    Email: westin [at] hawaii [dot] edu
    Phone: (808) 455-0226


     Tara Rojas
    Email: tmuramot [at] hawaii [dot] edu
    Phone:(808) 455-0342


    Poni Napuelua, Lecturer in Hawaiian
    Email: hakalele [at] hawaii [dot] edu
    Phone: (808) 455-0618







    Paz Canilao




    Lecturer n Tagalog/Filipino
    Email: pcanilao [at] hawaii [dot] edu
    Phone: (808) 455-0424

    Yumiko Asai-Lim, Assoc Professor in Japanese


    Email: asailim [at] hawaii [dot] edu
    Phone: (808) 455-0539




     Tomoko Akemoto, Lecturer in Japanese

    Email: atomoko [at] hawaii [dot] edu

    Phone: (808) 455-0539




    Mamiko Kosuge, Lecturer in Japanese
    Email: kosuge [at] hawaii [dot] edu
    Phone (808) 455-0359




    Kazuko Nakamitsu, Instructor in Japanese
    Email: ioroi [at] hawaii [dot] edu
    Phone: (808) 455-0429


































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    Language Arts Division
    Leeward Community College
    Phone: (808) 455-0330
    Fax: (808) 455-0640