Looking back at Leeward Wai‘anae

Writer: Leilani Ahina

Anxiousness, excitement, and nervousness are just a few emotions running through the minds of students completing their first year of college and those who are graduating. At Leeward Community College Wai‘anae, both freshmen and those in the class of 2013 shared their college experiences.

For Moses Magno, he’s excited about graduating on May 10. Magno will be transferring to the University of Hawai‘i-West O‘ahu where he will pursue a bachelor’s degree in education with a concentration on elementary education.

“I enjoyed my experience at Leeward CC Wai‘anae. The faculty and staff treated me like ‘ohana. I enjoyed my time here,” Magno stated. He will also continue his academic journey to pursue his master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, and eventually a PhD in educational administration.

Natalia Domingo will be transferring to UH Mānoa to major in occupational therapy. Domingo enjoyed her experience at Leeward because her instructors have a laid back teaching style that she has used throughout her time at Leeward. Domingo will also be applying for part-time jobs as an educational assistant in the Department of Education system.

Some freshmen began college thinking it would be all about studying, homework, exams, and midterms, but college has also been about making friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
“I really enjoyed my first year of college, although there were days that I was like, ‘ugh, I just want to go home and be on Tumblr all day’, and ‘meh, how do you do college?’ ” said freshman Dj Akeo. “I’m sure we’ve all had those days, and still do.”
Akeo thought that his first year at Leeward CC was interesting. “I was such an introvert when I first attended classes, but after awhile I learned that I didn’t need to be so guarded,” Akeo said. “Everyone was nice and open to conversation, the staff was so nice and very helpful, and the classes were cozy. I just really liked how social college felt to me.”

When it came to the difficulty of college work, Akeo felt it was a bit challenging but still manageable. Fellow high school classmate and current freshmen Chelsie Galasa loves college and the fact that she is able to set her own schedule and take classes that she wants.

When asked what she thought about her first year at Leeward, Galasa stated, “I loved it, I made new friends and even found some old ones.” Galasa also thought that her first year of college was pretty fair, not too hard or too easy.

Photo courtesy of Scott Kuraoka