Wishbone Wednesday

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Weird News Wednesday: Sprouts, Spice and Selfie Defense


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Warrior News Wednesday: Graduates, Gratitude and Glory

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World News Wednesday: Airport Extortion, ISIS, and Antarctica

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Weird News Wednesday: Mutilations, Modern Medieval Clash, and Head Transplants


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photo courtesy of Telegraph

World News Wednesdays: Typhoons, Telescopes and the Final Solution


Typhoon Koppu

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Weird News Wednesday: Death Knells, Domains and Dimorphism

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Banned Books Week: The Freedom to Read

by Jessie McGeary

photo by Ka Mana‘o staff


Vulgar. Obscene. Profane. Explicit. Entering the library’s familiar doors, these words are scrawled across the glass showcases with pages of books that have had their rights as prose stolen or questioned.

Program assists veterans at Leeward

By Ka Mana'o staff

Through the VetSuccess on Campus program, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs has experienced vocational rehabilitation counselors on college campuses — including Leeward Community College.

Up in Smoke

by Tyla Smith

Photo by Almendro Fernandez


     In December, a study by the University of Hawai’i revealed an alarming trend among young teens regarding electronic smoking. The state government responded this past June by restricting electronic cigarettes like traditional tobacco products and increasing the smoking age from 18 to 21.


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