Heartbleed - Leeward CC Update

This message is for the entire Leeward CC campus community as a follow-up to the email message released yesterday by the UH ITS department.

UH ITS has determined that one of Leeward CC systems was vulnerable to the security flaw identified as Heartbleed.  If you used the logon page for the Leeward CC wireless system from midnight of April 7, 2014 to 5:00 p.m. on April 8, 2014, then the Heartbleed security flaw may have allowed your login credentials to be exposed.

The vulnerability has been fixed and we recommend that you change your password now.  You can change your password by following this link to the UH One-Step Password Change Page:  https://www.hawaii.edu/username/userprefs/password_only.cgi

Because these vulnerabilities were fixed quickly, we do not believe that any information has been exposed.  But as a precautionary measure, we are recommending that you change your passwords now - even if you did not logon to the campus wireless system during the time period previously mentioned.

More information about this security vulnerability is available at:  http://www.hawaii.edu/infosec

Mark Lane
Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services
Leeward Community College