Managed Print Services

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What is Managed Print Services (MPS)?
Managed Print Services commonly known as the "Toshiba Contract,” is the service contract to monitor Leeward’s network printers. The contract provides us with toner replacement and on-site printer repair and maintenance.  The original MPS contract started September 2014 and has been with Xerox these past years.  The contract with Xerox expired and has now been awarded to Toshiba.  Toshiba’s service will start December 1, 2020.  They will be monitoring printer usage, providing toner replacement, and repair and maintenance of contracted printers.

How Does Managed Print Services Work?
The MPS Vendor has changed but services remain the same.  Printers that are authorized to be on the contract send usage numbers and toner levels automatically to Toshiba.  Toshiba receives usage readings and replenishes toner as needed.  If a printer breaks, please call the Leeward Helpdesk (455-0271).  We will arrange for a technician to repair the printer. If your toner runs out before a replacement is received, call Toshiba’s supply number (834-3636).

Is there an added expense to my Division?
The expense is borne by Leeward. The contract is based on usage--the number of Black & White (B/W) or Color prints produced.  There is a monthly "pool" for B/W prints, and a "pool" for Color prints. All the Toshiba printers on contract share in these pools.  If the campus goes over monthly "pool" allotments the college is charged an additional fee.

Printing in Color costs more than printing in B/W.  Our previous records indicate that there has been excessive usage of Color printing.  We are asking that you be mindful of how you print. Please send large print jobs to the Leeward Copy Center.

Please be judicious before printing numerous copies from MPS printers.  Your computer printer application can be automatically set to print in B/W then easily switched if you must print in color. Contact the Helpdesk if you need assistance.

How Can I Add a Printer to the Contract?
Printers under the Toshiba contract have been identified.  If you feel that your printer should be included in the contract, go to   Click on the "LEE Add Printer Request" and complete the form.  After you click "Submit" your request will go through the approval process with the final sign off by your Vice Chancellor.



For additional information checkout -- Campus Sustainability: B&W is Green



My printer has a Xerox sticker on it but not a Toshiba one. Is it on the new contract?
No, the printer is not on the new contract.  Only printers with a Toshiba sticker are under contract.

Why wasn't my printer included in the Toshiba contract, it used to be under Xerox??
To reduce expenses the college is reducing the number of printers under contract and removing single user printers. 

If my printer is not on contract how will I get my toner?
Printers no longer under contract are the responsibility of your Division.  You will need to make toner purchase requests through your division Secretary.

What if my non-contract printer breaks?
Call the Leeward Helpdesk for support.  If the printer has a warranty it may be repaired.  If the warranty has expired your Division will decide to repair, replace, or discard.

What is considered a Color Print?
A print job that has color anywhere within the document is considered a Color print.  For example, if you print a 4-page document that is B/W text except for one line that has a hyperlink in blue, ALL 4-pages are considered a Color print and will become part of the page count.

How can I only print in B/W?
Before printing check your printer preferences, and select the option to print in Grayscale.  This will ensure that you only print in B/W.  Your computer can be set to default to B/W.  Call Helpdesk if you need assistance setting the default.

Is there a way I can monitor my own Color prints?
No, however, We are developing a procedure to notify the Division secretaries when the "pool" is nearing capacity.