Electronic Device Assignment Agreement (EDAA)

What is the EDAA?
A new user agreement to be signed, acknowledged, and approved before deployment of a new or reassigned computer; that was purchased with funds that support Leeward CC instruction and its mission including grants, and funds from public and/or private sources. 

Who is this for?
It is primarily for Faculty and Staff

What is its purpose?

  • Reduce cost by purchasing in bulk
  • Accurately track electronic device assets
  • Reduce waste from over purchasing

How can I get a New Computer?

  • Replacements are dependent upon availability of general funds from the IT Tech computer replacement budget
  • IT will check current inventory and purchase computers to replace the oldest devices
  • Replacements are determined by availability, age of the existing device and your Division Chair
  • Older but still functional computers will be repurposed for backups, lecturers, student workers, and others that have a need

The ITG Staff will send the official form once the device is ready for the user. The links below are just a sample.

Electronic Device Assignment Agreement (EDAA) Form


How quickly will I be able to get my new computer?
Once we get the EDAA signed by User we will start prepping the new computer.  Once we receive all signatures we can deploy the new computer.

If I am a lecturer or student worker do I need to complete the form?
As a student worker, No you will not need to sign the form, it is up to your manager to reserve a computer for student use.
Lecturer, If the division assigns you a computer to use you will need to complete the form.  If the computer is for general use for all lecturers then no form needs to be completed.

If I need enhanced specifications, who will price it out?
All quotes will come from the helpdesk.  We can assist you in selecting the options you will need and provide the price quote for your division to purchase.

What sections of the agreement do I need to complete?
As the user will need to initial the first page in the space provided (bottom left), the User section on the 2nd page, and the justification section if you need an additional device or a higher spec computer.

Who completes the "Justification" block on the EDAA form?
The user would if they need multiple computers or a higher spec one.

Can I have a desktop to use at work and borrow a laptop to use if required to work from home?
As with the COVID-19 pandemic if the campus requires a temporary work from home, resources are provided to each division to accommodate this eventuality.

If my laptop is accidentally damaged will I be able to get a replacement right away?
A temporary device maybe provided by your division if available.

Will I receive a copy of the EDAA once all the signatures have been obtained?