What do I do if my computer freezes or gives me an error message?

Try the following step in this order to correct the problem:
(WARNING!  Any unsaved information will be Lost!) 

  1. Quit the application that is giving you the error and re-launch the application.
  2. Quit all applications and restart the machine
  3. Press the keys <Ctrl><Alt><Delete>.  A "close Program" window will appear.  Select the application that is giving you difficulty.  Click on the "End Task" button.
  4. Press the keys <Ctrl><Alt><Delete> twice to reboot the machine.
  5. Press the RESET button on the front (or back) of your computer and hold it down for 2 seconds. 
  6. Press the Power button.  Wait for 11 seconds.  Press the Power button again.  The computer will go through a Scandisk routine to make sure the hard drive is working properly. (Some computers with only one button requires you to hold down the power button until it restarts i.e. new Compaq and HP computers.)
  7. If none of the above steps work the unplug the power from the computer.  Wait 11 seconds.  Then plug the computer back in and power it up.  The computer will go through the Scandisk routine.