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Testing center and COMPASS placement testing


Placement tests are administered to new students who plan to attend Leeward Community College or any other educational institution.
New students or current students who have not taken an English or Math course should take the University of Hawaii Community College placement test.
The Test Center administers the ACT COMPASS (Computerized Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System) Placement tests, a computerized test that will place you into the Math or English class that best suits you.



  • If you’re a new student with no previous college experience.
  • If your COMPASS scores are more than two years old and you have not completed an English or Math course in the UH system.
  • If your COMPASS scores are less than two years old.
  • If you have completed an English, ESL, or Math course with a grade of “C” or higher in the UH system (math courses would have to have been completed within the two year time limit).
If you have earned a passing grade for English and Math at a college outside the UH system. To see if a course meets the criteria for exemption, go to the Counseling Center in the Administration Building (AD) – 208.



The results are used to aid in the selection of courses that are best for you. The results are also used to determine your eligibility for other courses.


  • An identification card with your name, photo, and UH (Banner) Number. You will not be allowed to take the test without proper identification. (We prefer a current photo Campus ID if you have one).  You should receive your UH (Banner) Number upon acceptance to a University of Hawaii system institution. 


    IMPORTANT!  We have phased out the use of Social Security Numbers on the Compass Placement Test systemwide.  In accordance with UH Executive Policy E2.214, "Social Security Number(s), and its use as an identifier shall be phased out of all existing systems."  As a result, we will be using the attached "Request for UH Number" form to comply with State law and UH policy.  Students who have not applied to Leeward CC but would like to take the Compass Placement Test will need to submit the completed form to the Admissions & Records office to obtain a UH number before testing.


    Click here to download the Request for UH Number form.


DO NOT BRING…a calculator or scratch paper for the COMPASS math test.
There is a calculator on the computer that can be used when doing the math test. Scratch paper will be provided for the math portion of the test.


You may take the test at any UH Community College location. Contact the site for testing details and inform them that you will be attending LCC.


COMPASS tests you on skills and knowledge acquired over a long period of time. You are not expected to study material that you have never learned. However, reviewing can help especially if you have not taken tests for a few years or have not studied math in a while.

The tests are not timed, so you can take as much time as you need. The number of questions is automatically adjusted as you’re taking the test. Right or wrong responses will result in either more or fewer questions. The average time to complete the test is 45 minutes for each of the three subtests: reading, writing, and math. Give yourself enough time to do your best.


The test is made up of three parts:
  • READING – answering questions about passages.
  • WRITING – identifying errors in grammar, punctuation, usage, and style in brief articles.

MATH – solving problems in basic math, algebra, college algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

To view sample test items, go to the placement test website at

You will get the results minutes after you finish the test. Keep your test report and bring it with you when you attend the orientation session.


There will be a retest fee of $25 each time you elect to retake the test.  Please note the following:

  • A $25.00 fee will be charged for each time a student elects to retake the COMPASS test.  
  • All Compass Placement retests will cost $25.00 per sitting.

LCC students exempt from the $25 retest fee if:

  • You have not taken a Math course in 2 years
  • Your Compass Placement scores are more than 2 years old