Frary Guitar Duo on YouTube!

We've been shooting clips of our duet and solo performances for years. However, we just completed our largest project to date: videos of all the pieces in our method book, Beginning to Classical Guitar. Over 60 videos of the duets and solos we teach to first year students. And we went all out with HD video, studio lighting, backdrops and outboard audio. Please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe....

Canon EF-s 10-18 4.5-5.6 IS STM Review

The EF-S 10-18 4.5-5.6 IS STM is the least expensive and smallest ultra wide zoom among a small field of contenders. The EF-S mount for APS-C (1.6X crop) cameras only, e.g., Rebel, 60D or 70D, and doesn’t fit full frame models such as the 5D series or 6D...

Canon EF-s 24 2.8 STM Review

The EF-s 24 2.8 STM was released Fall 2014 and joins the EF 40 2.8 STM as one of two pancake lenses in Canon's lineup. Although appearance is nearly identical to the EF 40 2.8 STM, the mount is APS-C only, e.g., Rebel and 70D, and does not fit full-frame cameras such as the 5D MKIII or 6D. Here's my thoughts on the EF-s 24 2.8 STM after shooting with it over the holidays.

Canon EF 40 2.8 STM Review

I've enjoyed shooting with pancake lenses on my Olympus Pen and wanted one for my EOS gear. The EF 40 2.8 STM--Canon's first DSLR pancake--debuted Summer 2012 and caused a stir due to low cost and reputed high optical quality. Here's my take on this able little optic.

Canon EF 24-70 4L IS USM Review

The EF 24-70 4L IS USM was introduced late in 2012 and features 4-stop Hybrid Image Stabilization (IS), constant aperture, modest zoom range (2.9x), .7x macro mode, beefy construction and weather seals. More...

Canon EF 24 2.8 IS USM Review

The original EF 24 2.8 was in my bag for twenty years and due an upgrade. A few clicks and UPS deposited a brand spankin' new EF 24 2.8 IS USM on my doorstep. Here's my take on this able little optic. More...

Tascam DR-40 Review

Like most musicians I have a home studio but do much of my music making away from home. So a good sounding ultra portable recorder is essential for catching the fleeting moments of live performances. The DR-40 is small enough it fit in the stash box of a guitar case but packs amazing features and sound quality into the palm of my hand. More...

Canon EOS 70D Review

I previously owned a 7D and 60D, and the 70D feels like a marriage of those two models: form factor and controls of the 60D and AF and viewfinder of the 7D. ... More...

Canon EOS 6D Review

I bought a 6D during Fall 2013 and have been on a shooting binge, gaining a good feel for the features and performance of this camera... More...

Manfrotto 054MO Ball Head Review

The MH054M0 is the traditional version (non-quick release) of the 054 ball head series with a fixed disk platform and ¼ tripod screw. This is the model to buy if you prefer a simple screw mount or plan to install an Arca compatible clamp... More...

Tascam DR-100 MKII Review

I've been dancing back and forth between the Olympus LS-100 ($400), Roland R-26 ($500) and the Tascam DR-100MKII, all able portable audio recorders. When the Tascam dropped to $225 on Amazon... More...

Canon EF 35 2.0 IS USM Review

I've owned several 35mm optics and found the semi-wide perspective (63 degrees) easy to use and ideal for showing a subject in its environment... More...

Hejnar Photo Arca Clamp for Manfrotto 496RC2

Own a Manfrotto 494, 496, 498 or 054 series ball head and want to use the Arca compatible quick release system? Google Arca clamps and the bounty of models is great. But look closely and there is rare mention of Manfrotto in the compatibility specs. More...

Gitzo G1077M & Kirk Acra-Swiss Conversion

The G1077M is part of the Gitzo Classic Center Ball Head series, originally marketed as a petite head for travelers and matched to their carbon fiber Mountaineer tripods. I bought one in 2004 for globe trekking with a G1028 Mountaineer. More...

Spring 2016 Guitar Courses

Learning to play guitar in a UH Leeward course is a wonderful way to earn general education core credits, enrich yourself and have fun!

If a course is full or you have problems registering, email your student ID to me and I'll be happy to input an override.

Mus 103 • Guitar Ensemble I (LCG • Leeward Coast Guitars)

Perform masterworks for guitar orchestra and small ensembles: Bach, Handel, Ravel, Mozart and many others. This course culminates with one or more public concerts. Open only to those with classical guitar and note reading experience. If you're a beginner, enroll in Mus 121D or 121E. Recommended prep: Mus 121C. 3 credits. TTR 10:30-11:45.

Hear LCG play Machado's Xote, Modinda & Caterête (11/21/2010 concert):

MUS 121D • Classic Guitar I

Tired of the same old chuck 'n jive, hum 'n strum guitar? Learn to play classic guitar! Classic guitar combines melody & accompaniment together into a musically complete solo. It's the most satisfying way to play guitar! We start at the beginning, so you learn music reading, technique and tuning before you start your first solos. When you finish this course you'll play solos at the level of Greensleeves or Malaguena. No prerequisites. Open to everyone! 2 credits. MWF 10:00-10:50 & 12:00-12:50

MUS 122D • Classic Guitar II

A continuation of MUS 121D, Classic Guitar I: solos and ensembles, music reading in 1st through 5th positions, advanced rhythms, slurs and harmonics. Prerequisite: MUS 121D. TR 9:00-10:15.

Hear Me Play!

I'm both a soloist and half of the Frary Guitar Duo.

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