Student Affairs Committee


Members (AY 2021-2022)

  • Summer Barrett (chair)
  • Jenny Cheung
  • Lexer Chou
  • Leon Florendo
  • Grant Helgeson
  • Michelle Igarashi
  • Allan Nebrija
  • Erika Ramirze (student government representative)
  • Jean StavRue-Peʻahi


NOTE: The chair of the Student Committee of the Senate will convene the Ad Hoc Academic Grievance Committee (AGC).

The Student Committee Chair asks the Academic Division Chairs for representatives for a "pool" at the beginning of the academic year.  If the Student Committee Chair is contacted regarding a grievance, then an Ad Hoc Academic Grievance Committee is selected from this "pool" by the Student Committee Chair plus 2 voting members assigned from the Student Government.  (Note:  Not all faculty in the pool will be selected.) The Student Committee Chair convenes the first meeting of this special committee; they will self-select a chair.  The Faculty Senate Student Committee Chair is not on the actual Ad Hoc committee, but can guide the SAG committee in following the SAG policy.  If there are two requests (from two different students), the FS Student Committee Chair will select another Ad Hoc Academic Grievance Committee from other faculty in the original "pool" created at the beginning of the year.  The Student Government will have to also select two representatives (could be the same or different students).

2020-21 Ad Hoc Academic Grievance Committee Volunteers

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