Seeking Comment On Revised Shared Governance Policy

March 23, 2018

Update: The new deadline to submit comments is April 20. Use the online form below.

The Campus Council Ad Hoc Committee on Shared Governance has submitted a draft of the revised Shared Governance Policy and wishes all constituent groups to review and respond by April 6 April 20.  The current policy, L1.201 Policy on Shared Governance was approved back in 2003.

The Ad Hoc Committee has gathered and developed documents to help you with your review.  By reading the documents, you will learn the context for the creation of the current policy, the roles of various constituencies in campus decision-making, and how the draft policy language was developed from the original.

Step 1:  Read the AIC (Accreditation Improvement Committee) Report (2003) to understand why the shared governance policy was created.

Step 2:  Take a look at the “Leeward CC Organizational Documents” to familiarize yourselves with each organizationʻs role on campus and where constituents can find their representative groups.

Step 3:  Take a look at the “Governance Diagram” to see how the organizational documents relate to each other and how we are all connected to the Chancellor. 

Step 4:  Read and prepare questions/comments about the Policy Revision Documents.  There are two versions: one with quotes from the original policy embedded into the document in blue font, the other just the proposed revision language.

Step 5: Submit your comments using this online form: Feedback on the revised Shared Governance Policy draft.  Questions 1 & 2 are the same questions being forwarded to all constituencies on campus.  Question 3 is a statement that the Executive Committee is recommending to be added to the final policy.  The last question is for comments that couldn’t be added if you selected Yes or No as your answer.

Your comments will be collated by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and submitted, along with any recommendations, to the Ad Hoc Committee by the April 6 deadline.  We anticipate that the committee will forward a revised draft policy to all campus constituencies, including Faculty Senate, prior to our next senate meeting on April 18.

It is important that all faculty, via the Faculty Senate, add their voices to the process of policy review and revision.


Faculty Senate Executive Committee

James Fujita, Chair

Wayde Oshiro, Vice-Chair

Michael Oishi, Secretary