Helping Our Students Avoid Plagiarism

August 29, 2018 is the most widely used plagiarism detection platform in higher education and it is available to all faculty and lecturers at Leeward.

On October 16, 2018, self-enrollment was discontinued. Please email Wayde Oshiro to request an account. Email: waydeo [at]

New users can view a recording of a webinar for Leeward faculty recorded on November 11, 2017. This video provides an in-depth overview of the platform, various tools, and their functionality:

Note: This video is unedited and is approximately 80 minutes long.

A quickstart guide with instructions (creating classes and new assignments, submitting papers, etc.) and short instructional videos are found at

For assistance with setting up your Turnitin account, please contact Wayde Oshiro, Leeward Turnitin administrator. Email: waydeo [at]

Support for comes from campus Innovation Funds awarded to the Faculty Senate in 2017. This is the second year of a 2-year pilot project to gauge the need for a subscription-based platform like Turnitin at Leeward.

Revised 10/16/18: Removed self-enrollment directions.