Faculty Senate Highlights, Academic Year 2017-2018

May 11, 2018

Aloha Leeward CC Faculty and Staff,

I would like to thank the 2017-2018 Faculty Senate for their hard work on behalf of Leeward Community College.  Below are some of the highlights and major accomplishments of your Leeward CC Faculty Senate for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The Faculty Senate’s Ad Hoc Committee on Course Evaluation System (CES), in consultation with faculty via a survey, has selected a common question for use by all faculty in the CES.  Implementation of the CES is set for Fall 2018.

The Senate also approved the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee on Alternate Scheduling to consider adopting an Alternate Scheduling system.  If adopted by administration, we will have a four-day class week with Fridays reserved for select classes, committee meetings, workshops, and student activities.  If approved, this alternate scheduling may begin as early as Fall 2019.

Based on the recommendations of the Student Affairs Committee, the Faculty Senate passed a motion that was accepted by the Leeward CC administration.  The date by which students may change their grading option from a letter grade to CR/NC has traditionally been the first week of classes during the add/drop period.  The new deadline by which students may change their grading option from letter grade to CR/NC will now be the last day to withdraw.

The Campus Council Ad Hoc Planning and Budgeting Process Review Committee, which includes three Faculty Senate members (the Leeward CC Faculty Senate Chair, the Faculty Senate Chair of the Assessment Committee, and the Faculty Senate Chair of Budget and Planning), has created an Institutional Resource Request form that allows any faculty to request an item for inclusion in the Institutional Priorities List.  The Faculty Senate and its Budget and Planning Committee requested these changes to create more transparency in budgeting and planning and, in the case of the Institutional Resource Request form, to give faculty and the Faculty Senate an opportunity to request items that we previously did not have a mechanism or method to request.  Since its inception in Spring 2018, faculty have used the new Institutional Resource Request form twice.

The Budget and Planning Committee has been diligently working to give the Faculty Senate a greater role in the budget and planning process as mandated by UH Board of Regents policy.

The Curriculum Committee reviewed and approved a record number of courses and programs.  These include 22 new courses, 150 course modifications, 40 course deletions, 3 new programs, 19 program modifications, 3 program deletions, and 4 experimental courses.  A total of 241 courses and programs were reviewed and approved.

The General Education Committee has been busy working out the intricacies of the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education (WICHE) Interstate Passport (IP) agreement, which is designed to allow students to transfer smoothly to other WICHE member colleges and universities in other states.  The WICHE IP identifies similar courses in member schools so that our students do not have to re-take courses that are similar to those taken at Leeward CC but which have different alphas and numbers at other schools.  The General Education Foundations Board has also been busy dealing with the transition from the Foundations: Symbolic Reasoning (FS) designation to the Foundations: Quantitative Reasoning (FQ) designation to meet new UH System requirements.

The Distance Education (DE) committee has been busy making sure Leeward CC meets federal DE requirements and sponsored workshops to educate our DE faculty on meeting federal guidelines to meet accreditation standards.

The Academic and Institutional Support Committee has been instrumental in getting our city and state transportation departments to fill potholes on the road leading to our campus, in replacing outdated signage that indicated that UH West Oahu is located on our campus, and in acquiring better lighting and security for our campus parking lots.

The Assessment Committee reviewed and revised Leeward Community College’s Policy on Assessment (L5.210) and has been deeply involved in making sure courses taught on our campus are assessed.  To date we have 91% compliance.

These are just some examples of your Faculty Senate at work serving our faculty and students and creating a better campus for all who work at Leeward Community College.  For a complete record of Faculty Senate committee reports, please consult the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Supporting Documents folder of the Faculty Senate website.

In closing, I wish to thank the 2017-2018 Faculty Senate Executive Board, Vice-Chair Wayde Oshiro, and Secretary, Michael Oishi, for their dedication and hard work, and welcome the 2018-2019 Faculty Senate Executive Board: Michael Cawdery as incoming Faculty Senate Chair, Wayde Oshiro as continuing Vice-Chair, and Junie Hayashi as Secretary.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and our campus.

James Fujita, Faculty Senate Chair