Changes To Turnitin For New Users

October 17, 2018

Turnitin has discontinued the use of join keys to set up new accounts to prevent misuse (not at Leeward).

"Dear Customer,

Turnitin has been recently investigating suspected misuse of our originality checking services. We identified a small number of fraudulent users exploiting legitimate customer accounts for their own use.

We want to assure you that, although misuse accounts accessed our platform without permission from Turnitin or the institutions that we serve, no customer data has been lost or compromised as a result of this unauthorized access."

This change does not impact faculty already using Turnitin or their students. New users should contact Wayde Oshiro to request an account. Email: waydeo [at]

Instructors are encouraged to trial Turnitin during the Faculty Senate’s pilot project to assess the demand for a subscription-based, plagiarism detection platform at Leeward. Support for Turnitin comes from campus innovation funds awarded to the Faculty Senate in 2017. The pilot project ends summer 2019.