General Education Committee


Members (AY 2017-18)

  • Suzette Scotti (Co-Chair, Foundations)
  • Weirong Cai (Co-Chair, Foundations)
  • Pete Gross (Curriculum Committee) 
  • Alyssa Haygood (Diversification)
  • Betty Ickes (HAP)
  • Eiko Kosasa (E Focus)
  • Stanley May (WI)
  • Michael Oishi (Diversification)
  • Carleen Yokotake (OC)
  • Nicole Keim-Fortuno (Counselor)
  • Rachael Inake (General Education Boards & Foundations Webmaster)
  • Jim Goodman (Dean)

General Education Boards

The General Education Committee affirms the core designations that a course meets for the Leeward Community College AA core. There are six designation boards.  Each board works from agreed hallmarks to review core designation application.  A list of approved courses for each designation is maintained by the boards.

General Education Boards websites: