Distance Education Committee


The Distance Education Committee membership and duties:

Chair: Warren Kawano

  1. Serve as the primary voice of the faculty senate in matters of Distance Education on the Leeward CC campus;
  2. Help promote the development of distance education courses to ensure that their content and design are appropriate to the medium;
  3. Develop and recommend policies and procedures that provide technical and academic support to ensure distance learner success;
  4. Develop and recommend policies and procedures that provide technical and academic support for faculty who teach distance education courses;
  5. Develop and recommend best practices for distance education teaching;
  6. Develop outcome assessment measures that describe and evaluate the success of the distance education program and provide the data on which future recommendations can be made, and
  7. Review facilities and equipment needs periodically, and make appropriate recommendations.
  8. Membership:
    1. The Committee Chair is a Faculty Senator appointed in accordance with Bylaws;
    2. Members should be faculty with experience teaching a DE course;
    3. At least one non-faculty member (e.g. APT, Administration, etc) that is involved in the Leeward CC DE 


  • Aguilera, Kelsie (kelsieag [at] hawaii.edu)
  • Barruga, Camden (camden [at] hawaii.edu)
  • Egami, Matthew (megami [at] hawaii.edu)
  • Egan, LeeAnne (leanne [at] hawaii.edu)
  • Hirata, Brent  (bhirata [at] hawaii.edu)
  • Igarashi, Michelle  (migarash [at] hawaii.edu)
  • Inake, Rachael  (rinake [at] hawaii.edu)
  • Kawano, Warren  (warrenk [at] hawaii.edu) - chair
  • Khan, Abdul-Karim  (khana [at] hawaii.edu)
  • Losch, Tracie (tlosch [at] hawaii.edu)
  • Paikai, Annemarie (aapaikai [at] hawaii.edu)
  • Takamure, Christy (christy [at] hawaii.edu)

     Meeting Dates (All meetings on Mondays, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. in LC-108)

  • Monday, September 10
  • MondayOctober 8
  • MondayNovember 5
  • MondayDecember 10
  • MondayJanuary 14
  • MondayFebruary 11
  • MondayMarch 11
  • MondayApril 8

Link to the Distance Education Committee website.


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