Budget and Planning Committee

Members (AY 2022-2023)

  • Will Castillo (Co-Chair)
  • Alyssa MacDonald (Co-Chair)
  • Lexer Chou
  • Junie Hayashi
  • Nolan Miyahara
  • Susan Lum
  • Gholam Khaleghi


ARTICLE V. Standing Committees

SECTION 3. Budget and Planning Committee

A. Functions

     1. Consult with and advise the Administration on matters relating to projected budgets and current expenditure plans.

     2. Consult with and advise the Administration on matters relating to future plans for programs, personnel, facilities, and equipment.

     3. Work with the Administration to establish goals and monitor progress toward their attainment.

     4. Review and make recommendation to the Senate concerning policy relating to campus resource allocation and use.

     5. Review and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate on the Campus Institutional Priorities (IP).

B. Membership

     1. Membership includes appointed faculty members who shall be voting members


Budget and Planning Resources

Sources of Financial Information Within UH

Leeward CC Financial Analysis FY 2010-2018

(Mark Lane, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services, April 2019)

Cost per Student Headcount and Historical Experitures by Program FY 2010-2018

Number of UH Personnel by Employee Type and Student to Faculty-Staff Employee Ratios FY 2010-2018

Tuition and Fee Revenue by Student Residency Status FY 2010-2018

Number of Personnel by Employee Type Leeward CC FY 2000-2018

Sources of Financial Information External to UH 

Credit Rating Agencies

Budget and Planning Committee Reports Past Years

2019-2020 Academic Year

2018-2019 Academic Year

2017-2018 Academic Year

2016-2017 Academic Year

2015-2016 Academic Year

2014-2015 Academic Year