Faculty Senate Home

The Leeward Faculty Senate is chartered by the Board of Regents as the primary voice of faculty in the academic governance of the College. Through the Curriculum Committee, the faculty has a powerful role in shaping the programs and courses offered at the College. The Budget, Student, and Faculty Committees of the Faculty Senate provide faculty input and recommendations to the administration.

  • The Senate chair and vice-chair sit on the Campus Council.
  • The Senate is comprised of at least 22 senators elected at-large from among the full-time faculty, with approximately half elected each year for two-year terms, as well as one representative for the lecturers.
  • The Senate elects its Executive Committee that consists of the chair, vice-chair, and secretary.
  • Membership on Senate committees is open to all Leeward faculty, administration, and staff members.

2015-2016 AY Faculty Senate Chair: Momi Kamahele, 455-0627, momi [at] hawaii [dot] edu.

The next Faculty Senate meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 4, 2016 in room GT 105 (Campus map).

Issues before the Senate for Spring 2016

  • FS Agenda for May 4, 2016 Faculty Senate meeting
  • Input collection to investigate the benefits of a transition from current teaching schedule to a two-day a week teaching schedule.
  • The formation of an Oral Communication Focus Board and the Oral Communication Hallmarks.
  • Revise the Leeward Faculty Senate's Charter and Bylaws.
  • Please Acknowlege the MOA between UH Adminstration, UHPA, and UH Faculty Senates: https://goo.gl/OyILSe

Faculty Senate News and Announcements

  • The 2016-17 AY senators elected officers for the next senate: William Albritton - Chair; Eiko Kosasa - Vice Chair; Wayde Oshiro - Secretary.