Curriculum Central Program Proposal Guide

Curriculum Central Program Proposal Guide

Field 6

P.6) Other Departments Involved

Does this new or modified program involve courses offered by other departments? If not, type in "no". If yes, list the courses and their respective departments.

Field 12

P.12). Proposer Notes

 This is an area where the proposer can provide any extra information they find is needed. 



Field 7

P.7) Have other departments been consulted? 

Field 4

3.4) Program Rules

This question provides the opportunity to display a semester by semester mapping of your program.

Field 2

3.2) Program Mission and Objectives

What are the outcomes of the program? (outcomes should be stated in terms of meeting student, community or State needs.)

 Write a short paragraph describing how the program meets student, community, or State needs.

Field 11

P.11) Department Vote

Record the department vote approving the proposed change(s): Approve, Not Approve, Abstain; give the date of the vote. Example: 4 approve, 0 not approve, 0 abstain September 9, 2014

 Proposers do not need to complete this field.  This field will be filled in by your Division Chair.

Field 5

P.5) Proposal Supporting Documents

 Attach any documents that support the proposal.


Field 4

P.4) Title change explanation

 This question will only be visible if you answer Yes to question 3. If you answered Yes write a short paragraph describing the reason for the title change. 





Field 4

1.4 Department

 Select the Department the course belongs to. This is a type-a-head filed, so start typing your department and it should quickly appear. 


Field 3

1.3 Description

 Provide a breif description of the program.