Field 2

P.2) Proposal Rational/Justification

What is the rationale for the change? (if this is a substantive change, state how it aligns with the Division goals, College Strategic Plan, College Mission Statement, or other relevant documents)

Write a short paragraph describing the rational for the change. 

For the most updated  College Strategic Plan for Leeward Community College, see the latest catalog at:

For the most updated College Mission Statement for Leeward Community College, see the latest catalog at:


Example from Accounting (CA-Certificate of Achievement) modification:

The program is being modified per advice from Accounting Advisory Board, Fall 2008. This is not a substantive change.  Updating Career and Technical Education programs to maintain their relevancy in providing a trained workforce is a division, college, and system goal.

Example from Teaching (AA-Associate of Arts) modification:

The rationale for the proposed change is that there is a core foundation of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that all teachers should have regardless of the ages and abilities of the students that they teach.  This common core of knowledge consists of foundations in:

  • history of public schooling and its relationship to the structure and function of teaching;
  • general principles and practices that result in the creation of positive classroom environments, which is the foundation for good classroom management;
  • literacy skills development in all students regardless of their age and developmental level
  • teaching classrooms with students of diverse cultures and abilities

These core education courses were also developed with the understanding that

  • two of these are foundational courses that are often required to be completed before entrance into a baccalaureate program in education (Foundations of Education and Introduction to Multicultural Education)
  • two of the courses provide knowledge, skills, and dispositions critical to teacher effectiveness in meeting the needs of all students, Introduction to Classroom Management and Developing Language and Literacy I

To align the AAT program with the articulation agreements with UH Manoa, UH West Oahu and Chaminade University, the following modifications are necessary:

  • Math requirement:  Reason for the change: Some students, especially those who are going into secondary education or are changing career goals to education from engineering or business, place higher than the Math 103 level, yet, still have to take that math to fulfill the present requirements.  Therefore, the modification will read:  Math 100, 103, 111 or higher, or PHIL 110.
  • Natural Science requirement:  Reason for the change: The modification from the current requirement of 1 biological science, 1 physical science (one of these must include a lab) and 1 diversification other science (i.e., ICS 100) to the suggested change: 1 biological science, 1 physical science (one must include a lab) and the third science can be from the biological, physical, or other science group.   This change will help our students who are transferring to UH West Oahu. They will not have to take an additional science in order to meet the transfer requirements of UHWO's B.Ed in Elementary Ed. program (with our articulation, ICS 100 does not fulfill any degree requirements.
  • Pre-requisite for ED 297A:  Reason for the change:  The prerequisite will be consistent with the pre-requisites for all education courses.
  • Changing alpha of Psy 298 to ED. 298 Educational psychology:  Reason for the change:  This course is an education course offered as an elective for the AAT degree, not a course offered from the psychology department.  This change of alpha will be consistent with our articulations.

Example from Business Technology (CA-Certificate of Achievement) modification:

Formerly, BUS 201 was a required class for Business Technology majors; however, one and two credit courses were developed for industry training.  After a review of the courses, the Business Technology Program faculty have chosen to return to BUS 201 because there has not been a demand for BUSN 141 and BUSN 145. 

Modifications are also being made to better prepare students for the workforce, BUS 101 and BUS 201 will be required to have advanced knowledge of the Microsoft Office software such as Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.  To meet the needs of the Business Technology students, Outlook has been added to BUS 201.

Principles of Business, BUS 120, is being added to the certificate so the student will learn about business organization and internal business functions and practices.

The changes will increase the efficiency in the Business Division because there will be less duplicating of similar course content.  Changes are being made to an approved Program of Study.