Field 1

P.1) Proposal Summary

What change is proposed in the program? (provide specific information on both the new and old program)

Include specific information on both the old and the new programs.

The Curriculum Committee recommends to timely contact other campus disciplines/programs that are directly affected by this modification.


Example from Accounting (CA-Certificate of Achievement) modification:

This is an already existing program. ACC 134 Income Tax Preparation (3 cr) will be added and BUSN 121 Introduction to Word Processing (3 cr) will be removed.  Word processing is covered in BUS 101 Business Computer Systems, which is required in the program.  The total credits in the program will not change.

Example from Writing (ASC-Academic Subject Certificate) modification:

The Language Arts Division is requesting the following revisions in the Academic Subject Certificate in Writing, effective Fall 2008:

Addition of the following course for the creative track as one of the four required courses:

One Writing-Intensive 200-level course in Literature.

Thus, four courses (12 credits) are required for this track.

Changing "three of the following courses" to "two of the following courses".

This would include removing "One Writing-Intensive 200-level course in Literature" from the list.

Thus two courses (6 credits) are electives.

Example from Business Technology (CA-Certificate of Achievement) modification:

BUS 101 (Business Computer Systems), BUS 201 (Microsoft Office Advanced), and BUS 120 (Principles of Business) will be required for Business Technology majors.  Business Technology majors will not be required to take the following courses:  (1) BUSN 266, Advanced Professional Employment Preparation, (2) BUSN 141, Effective Presentations with MS® PowerPoint, (3) BUSN 145, Integrated Digital Communication Using MS® Outlook, (4) BUSN 131, Computerized Spreadsheets--MS®  Excel, and (5) BUSN 137, Computerized Databases--MS®  Access.  The changes will increase the efficiency in the Business Division because there will be less duplicating of similar course content.

Certificate of Achievement (33 credits)

BUSN 123   Word Processing for Business (3)

BUSN 164   Career Success (3)

BUSN 170   Records & Information Management (3)

BUSN 166   Professional Employment Preparation (1)

BUSN 188   Business Calculations (3)

BUS 101      Business Computer Systems (3)

BUSN 193C Cooperative Education (2)

BUS 120       Principles of Business (3)

BUS 201       Microsoft® Office Advanced (3)

MGT 121      Customer Service (3)

ENG 100 or equivalent
Composition 1 (3)

SP 151          Personal and Public Speech (3)

                      or SP 200... Speaking Skills for Prospective Teachers

In order to obtain a Business Technology certificate or degree, students must pass all required business (BUS), business  technology (BUSN), management (MGT), accounting (ACC), and law (BLAW) courses with a grade of C or better.