Field 3

1.3 Description

 Provide a breif description of the program.


Example from Information Security (CA-Certificate of Achievement) modification:

Provides students with entry-level skills or job upgrading for positions under direct supervision in information security.

Example from Teaching (Associates of Arts) modification: 

The Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) is a 62 credit degree program intended to either provide the first two years of a baccalaureate program in elementary or secondary education (transfer degree) or prepare the student for employment as an educational assistant (terminal degree). The AAT program is firmly rooted in the academic study skills and content courses of a strong general education program combined with a rigorous core of pre-professional education courses. The program also includes field experience embedded within education courses as well as a culminating Field Experience course with experienced professional teacher-mentors, and preparation for the Core Academic Skills exam, a test required nationally for admission into many teacher preparation programs. The program is designed to be flexible in order to best support transfer to any of our articulated partners and to allow focus on a range of teaching areas (e.g. elementary, secondary, and special education).