Field 6

3.6) Program Resources.

What resources are required for program implementation and first five-year cycle operation? (Number, source, and cost of faculty; library requirements; support personnel; estimated cost of supplies, equipment and CIP; facilities to be utilized; total funds required for program implementation and operation; expected source of funds, including sources of reallocated funds.)

For NEW programs, mention where the resources came from to pay for the program.

For MODIFIED programs, only this sentence is required: "This is an existing program."


Example from Retail Foundations (CO-Certificate of Competence) new:

The program can be done with the use of existing resources. No new classes need to be offered. All courses within the program are presently offered by the Business Technology Division.

Example from Writing (ASC-Academic Subject Certificate) new:

All necessary resources for program implementation are in place because the College currently offers all courses that are included in this certificate program.

Example from Accounting (CA-Certificate of Achievement) modification:

This is an already existing program.  The program is being modified per advice from Accounting Advisory Board, Fall 2008.

Example from Culinary Arts (AAS-Associate in Applied Science) modification:

This is an approved program of study. Modification is being submitted to align with UH system-wide Culinary Arts Program Coordinating Council articulation.