Field 2

3.2) Program Mission and Objectives

What are the outcomes of the program? (outcomes should be stated in terms of meeting student, community or State needs.)

 Write a short paragraph describing how the program meets student, community, or State needs.


 Example from Business Technology (CA-Certificate of Achievement) modification:

The overall objective of the LCC Business Technology (BTEC) Program is to prepare students (and to upgrade/retrain business professionals) for employment in administrative support positions in office settings in both private and public business and related industries. The curriculum provides for career mobility.

 Example from Community Food Security (ASC-Academic Subject Certificate) modification:

MA’O Farms is located in Lualualei Valley in Waianae.  For three years youth from the Waianae area participated in a 10-month program related to community food security, which is “a comprehensive strategy to address many of the ills affecting our society and environment due to an unsustainable and unjust food system.”  The core of the program included the principles of community food security and work in a agricultural operation growing and selling organically grown produce.  After three successful years, the directors of the Waianae Community Re-Development Corporation (the umbrella organization for MA’O Farms) approached the college to see if the educational component of the program could be translated into credit courses at LCC.  In fact, two LCC course were already part of the program and the materials obtained from national community food security resources easily translated to credit courses.