Curriculum Central Program Proposal Guide


KSCM Program Proposal Guide


This guide is designed to help proposers write a comprehensive program proposal.


  • All fields must be filled in and all questions in every field must be answered, even if only a few fields for course review are being changed.
  • Incomplete fields can delay a proposal's approval or result in its disapproval
  • IMPORTANT -- Only when you are completely finished with your proposal, click the “Approval” button to initiate the approval process.
  • For NEW programs, only fields 1-7 are displayed.
  • For MODIFIED programs all fields are required.
  • For details on what the requirements are for each type of program, see these two documents:
    UHCCP #5.203 Program Credentials: Degrees and Certificates (2013)
    CCCM #6004 Academic Credentials: Degrees and Certificates (2002)
  • Note the following abbreviations: Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS), Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Applied Science (AAS), Associate in Technical Studies (ATS),  Certificate of Achievement (CA), Advanced Professional Certificate (APC), Academic Subject Certificate (ASC), and Certificate of Competence (CO).


Click on the field numbers in the right-hand menu to view information and examples to help you write your program proposal

Proposal writing recommendations:

  • Use the Program Guide as a primary resource
  • For new program proposals, the first step is approval of an Authorization to Plan, as described in CCCM 6000, Authorization to Plan a New Academic Program.
  • Employ recently approved proposals as templates
  • Copy pertinent structure and wording from approved proposals and then modify it with your course information
  • Copying/pasting from other sources (like approved proposals), writing, and editing are faster using a word processor, like MS Word, but make sure you save it as a .txt file and then open it using Notepad (in Windows) or TextEdit (in Mac) before copying/pasting into KSCM. This will strip out text formatting and other meta-tag code (that gets put in by using MS Word) when pasting into Curriculum Central.
  • Do a spell check
  • Save the proposal's text file on your computer as a backup to what you are submitting on Curriculum Central
  • Write Leeward CC, not LCC; UH West Oahu, not UHWO; UH Manoa, not UHM; etc.