KSCM Course Proposal Guide

This guide is designed to help proposers write a comprehensive course proposal.


  • All  required fields must be filled in and all questions in every field must be answered, even if only a few fields for course review are being changed.
  • Incomplete fields can delay a proposal's approval or result in its disapproval
  • IMPORTANT -- Only when you are completely finished with your proposal, click the “Submit For Approval” button to initiate the approval process.


Click on the field numbers in the right-hand menu to view information and examples to help you write your course proposal

Course proposal writing recommendations:

  • Use this KSCM Course Proposal Guide as a primary resource. (There are explanations and examples for each field linked in the right menu.)
  • Employ recently approved proposals as templates. Copy pertinent structure and wording from approved proposals and then modify it with your course information.
  • Copying/pasting from other sources (like approved proposals), writing, and editing are faster using a word processor, like MS Word or Google Documents.  You can paste into KSCM using a right-click or keyboard short cuts (ctrl+v or cmd+v).
  • Do a spell check.
  • Write Leeward CC, not LCC; UH West Oahu, not UHWO; UH Manoa, not UHM; etc., and consult the UH System Style Guide for consistency.