Field 8

8) Will the new course/course modifications require additional staff, equipment, facilities and/or costs? If "yes", then explain what is needed and how they are expected to be supported.

Field 8 consists of three questions. Proposers should respond to each question, if applicable.



Example from BIOC 251:

No additional staff, equipment, facilities, or other cost items are required from this course.

Example from PBT 200:

This course will require a half-time APT lab manager. It will require a "living laboratory" - a fenced space for cultivation of crops. Supplies and equipment for start-up is estimated at $20,000. Funds are being provided by a Perkins grant. In the future, personnel costs may have to be absorbed by the division.

Example from HLTH 120:

This course will not require additional equipment or costs. The course will require additional staff which will be included in the Waianae Health Academy's budget.