Field 2

2) Proposal Rationale

 Provide the rationale for the modifications to an existing course.

For new course proposals, write "This is a new course."

If the proposal is for a course deletion, provide the rationale for the course deletion.

The Curriculum Committee recommends to timely contact other campus disciplines/programs that are directly affected by this modification so, if needed, they can adjust their prerequisites, corequisites and recommended preparations.


Example from ICS 101:

The reason for this modification is to keep our course in line with the requirements for articulation between the UH campuses and to maintain a periodic review of the course content.

 Example from PSY 100:

(Note: The change was updating the SLOs.) We need to assess student learning at a higher level of cognitive performance.

Example from DMED 220:

This is a new course.

Example from HIST 244:

1. Review core outline to ensure it is up-to-date with latest assessment results, Mission Statement, Strategic Plan, Distance Education requirements, etc.

2. Ensure currency, rigor, and appropriate SLOs and content.

3. Fill in empty fields