Field 9

9) Review Date (Academic Year)

 Select the current AY (academic year) from the drop down menu if this is a new course proposal outline or if this is a modification to a course proposal outline that you would like the Curriculum Committee to review in its entirety. If the course proposal outline has an effective date prior to Fall 2013, it is required that the Curriculum Committee reviews it in its entirety.

The Policy on Curriculum Review and Revision states that all course proposal outlines will be reviewed in their entirety at least once every five years.

Modifications to course proposal outlines with effective dates of Fall 2014 or later need only to have the modified/revised fields reviewed (instead of the entire course proposal outline) by the Curriculum Committee (unless you choose otherwise). In this case, do not change the effective date. In other words, the five-year review cycle is not reset.

Proposers can inform the Curriculum Committee, at any point in the five-year cycle, that they would like the Curriculum Committee to review the entire course proposal outline. In this case, this review would reset the five-year review cycle; select the date in General Information field 9 as the current AY.


Example from a current proposal: