Field 1

1). What methods will be employed to ensure timely and effective interaction between faculty and students and student to student? What technological skills will students need to succeed in this course? How will the instructor execute and ensure the rigor and breadth of the course through electronic delivery?

 If the course is offered as a distance education course, the proposer should respond to all questions.

If the course is not offered as a distance education course, the proposer should write, "This course is currently not offered as a distance education course."


Example of a course not offered as a distance education course:

This course currently is not offered as a distance education course.

Example (suggested by the Educational Media Center)

Distance courses will use a UH-sponsored course learning environment (CLE). Various tools in the CLE will be utilized for communication, collaboration, assignments, activities, projects, group work, and assessments. Students will be provided with a course schedule, grade weights for each assignment, and assignment due dates. The instructor will check the CLE and email daily (unless specified by the instructor).

Effective Interaction
Distance courses will follow the Leeward CC Distance Education Guidelines:

Student-to-Instructor: Students are informed of what to expect in terms of the instructor's role. Guidelines are set for the instructor's response and availability (turn-around time for email, grade posting, etc.). The instructor plays an active role by guiding through and communicating about the course content.

Student-to-Student: The instructor provides opportunities for students to interact with each other. Expectations/procedures of required levels of student participation are clearly stated and explained (i.e., a participation rubric).

The student will need to have basic computing skills. These skills include the ability to: use the Web, use email, upload/download files, attach files, and create and save a document. Additionally, the student will need the skills to use the tools in the CLE.

The student learning outcomes for the distance course are identical to the traditional face-to-face course. Distance courses will follow the Leeward CC Distance Education Guidelines:

  1. The instructional materials are presented in an organized manner according to software used.
  2. The instructional materials have sufficient breadth, depth, and currency for the student to learn the subject.
  3. The module/unit learning objectives describe and reflect specific desired outcomes that are measurable and consistent with the course level outcomes.
  4. The learning activities promote the achievement of stated learning outcomes.
  5. The tools and media support the learning outcomes, and are appropriately chosen to deliver the content of the course.
  6. The tools and media enhance student interactivity and guide the student to become a more active learner.
  7. Instructional strategies enable students to be engaged with the course content.
  8. Contains course number and name at top, plus instructor's name (and perhaps a banner).
  9. Interactive activities that promote student-content, student-student and student-instructor interaction contained in each instructional module.