Field 4

4) What evidence exists that the course is taught so that skills are built on what has been learned earlier in the course (or in a previous course) and will lead to what will be learned in a future course?

 If the course does not have a previous course as a prerequisite, or the course is not a prerequisite for a subsequent course, the proposer should provide evidence that skills learned earlier in the course are reinforced and enhanced by later activities.


Example from CHEM 272B:

Organic chemistry requires an understanding of structure, shapes, hybridization, thermodynamics, and acid/base chemistry; all topics taught in Chem 161 (161B) and Chem 162 (162B). This course teaches the same content and is structured in the same manner throughout the UH system.


Example from MGT 120:

The only prerequisite for MGT 120 is the equivalent of reading and writing skills at the ENG 21/22 level. With the exception of MGT 200, all other MGT courses are not required to be taken in any sequence. MGT 120 is a requirement for MGT 200. The completion of the MGT 120 student learning outcomes provides the foundation in managerial skills required in MGT 200.


Example from MATH 82:

The mathematics discipline has carefully planned the content of this course to meet the needs of transfer-level mathematics courses while keeping in mind the specific prerequisite skills learned in MATH 18 (or MATH 22). This choice and alignment of topics was the result of a discipline-wide review of all of the developmental mathematics course syllabi, consultations with transfer-level mathematics faculty, and inspection of syllabi and course materials from MATH 103 at other campuses.