Input the course number.

If the course is the similar to another course in the system, you MUST use that alpha-number-title of that course. Otherwise, you should either change the alpha (or number or title, as appropriate), or provide written justification for why a different alpha for a similar course is justified.

For variable credit courses (1-4 hours), add the letter "V" to the end. For example, PBT 290V. If specific hours are needed when the class is offered, the Division Secretary can specify hours.  Otherwise, the default is 1-4 hours.

The first step for new courses is to check the most recent list of Active Courses in the UH System to determine which alphas and numbers are in use. You may also search the entire list at UHCC Master Course List. Be sure to check articulation agreements.

If the course number is not listed, check with your colleagues at Leeward CC and at other campuses to decide on an appropriate number.


Example from HIST 152:



Example from DMED 240:



Example from ENG 21: