Tech Fun Fridays - Fall 2019

Please join us for Tech Fun Fridays - a fun way to learn and grow professionally. Unless otherwise noted, all sessions will be held in LC-108A. There is no sign-up required for any of the sessions. Please bring a laptop or chromebook.

Date Time Topic Resources
Aug 30 12 - 1 

Course Mapping Session 1 (2 part series)

Are you interested in teaching online or hybrid? Would you like to streamline your course? Come to this two-part session on course mapping. Course maps are useful visual tools which will get you started on the road to aligning your learning outcomes with your course materials, activities and assessments. You will come away with a better-organized course and an overall visual of how your course fits together.



[Course Mapping Template]

Sep 6 12 - 1 

Course Mapping Session 2 (2 part series)

This session is a continuation of last week's Course Mapping session. In this session, you will continue working on your course map. You will then share it other participants and receive 1-1 help from your peers and workshop facilitators.

Sep 13 11:30 - 1:00

Google Docs Challenge

Experience the wonders of Google Documents, an online word processor that lets you create, edit, and collaborate with others. See how it can help you and your students or colleagues communicate and collaborate on shared Google Documents.

[Workshop website]
Sep 20 12 - 1


Zoom is a web conferencing platform capable of video chat, screen share, and more! Come check out what Zoom has to offer, get your own free account, and try it out for yourself.

Sep 27

12 - 2


Make Your Online Documents Accessible

In this session, you will learn to make your documents accessible by following easy tips and free software checkers. We will start with a simple practice document then you will move on to make your course syllabus accessible. There will be facilitators to provide you with 1-1 help. Bring an electronic copy of your syllabus.  Upon successful completion of an accessible syllabus, you will earn a digital badge!



[Practice Document]

[Syllabus Template]

Oct 4

12 - 2


Make Your Online Documents Accessible {repeated session}  
Oct 11 11:30-1:00

Gmail Challenge

Email can collect quickly and take up your time, but there are ways to be more efficient with email and utilize Gmail's features to take control of your inbox.

[Workshop Website]
Oct 18 12 - 1


This session is geared toward online and hybrid instructors who are interested in adding quick check-for-understanding activities to your online content. In this session, you will create an interactive online learning activity using H5P. These non-graded activities may be embedded into your course content for your students to use as self-checks.

Oct 25 12 -1  Capturing Video Like a Pro
Through hands-on activities, learn basic tips, techniques and best practices for shooting video using consumer gear (camcorders, phones, tablets, laptops).
Nov 1 12 - 1


Flipgrid is a video discussion platform, post questions and spark thoughtful video responses.  Increase student engagement while giving them a voice. Flipgrid works well as a formative assessment tool.

Nov 8 12 - 1 CES
Are your online course evaluations setup for this semester? CES provides valuable feedback to the instructor. If you are new to CES, come to this session. You will login to the CES site and add your own questions to create a course evaluation for each of your courses. Tips on how to get the best response rate will be shared.
Nov 15 12 - 1 Quizlet Live
Quizlet Live is an in-class, team-based learning game tool. In this session, learn how to use Quizlet Live to integrate technology into the classroom for small group learning activities. Go to to participate in a Quizlet Live activity.
Nov 22 12 - 1

Use Your Voice to Type (Accessibility)

Are you a hunt-and-peck typist? Do you have a repetitive strain injury or another hand injury? Or do your thoughts come more easily by talking over typing? Come to this session where you will learn how easy it is to use your voice to type!


At the end of each session, please complete the workshop survey.