Smart Classroom Challenge

Workshop Registration

Smart Classroom Challenge sessions will be offered by appointment during Convocation Week. Interested? Submit your request at:


Operate Smart Classroom technologies to support classroom instruction.


  1. Demonstrate the operation of the Smart Classroom computer for instruction.
  2. Demonstrate the operation of the LCD projector for instruction.
  3. Describe troubleshooting procedures for operation of Smart Classroom technologies.
You can earn the “Smart Classroom Finisher” badge of achievement if you successfully complete the workshop’s objectives.


Over 70% of Leeward Community College instructional spaces are designated “Smart Classrooms.”  These rooms contain the necessary audio, visual, computer and network infrastructure to support 21st century teaching and learning. Your challenge is to learn how to operate Smart Classroom technologies to support classroom instruction by working with a partner to create an engaging learning activity for students that uses Smart Classroom technologies.

Smart Classroom Challenge Activity

You are busy preparing for the next semester and want to use the Smart Classroom because you’ve heard how it can help you to integrate new ways of learning, disseminate class materials, streamline communication with your students, reduce paper use, and increase student engagement. Your challenge is to work with a partner to create an engaging learning activity for students that uses Smart Classroom technologies, list the main points of your activity on a Google Slide presentation, and present it to the class (3-5 minutes) by using the Smart Classroom technologies. The team who completes all the tasks correctly and comes up with the most engaging and creative activity wins bonus points!


  1. Familiarize yourself with the operations of the Smart Classroom.
  2. Work with a partner. Have one partner create a new Google Slide presentation and share the presentation with his/her partner and  Label it with your team name in the title. For example, “Best Team Smart Classroom Mini Activity.” If no one on the team is familiar with how to use Google Slides please use the online resources to help you. Address the following criteria on your slide:
  • Title
  • Objective
  • Activity (including a description of technology)
  1. Review your mini activity to ensure you can demonstrate proficiency using the Smart Classroom based on the Smart Classroom Basics rubric.
  2. Use the Smart Classroom technologies to demonstrate setting things up, presenting your mini activity to the class, and closing things down. (EMC facilitators may also interject a problem into the normal equipment usage process as a troubleshooting activity.)

Don’t forget! You can apply for the “Smart Classroom Basic User” letter of completion after you’ve developed and implemented your own activity with your class using the Smart Classroom.