Resources to help you work and teach in the classroom, hybrid, and online.

Assistive Technology (AT) is any device, software or equipment that helps people with disabilities work around challenges so they can learn, communicate and simply function better. View a list of assistive technologies.

  • DE Course Examples - A gallery of videos where Leeward CC DE instructors highlight the design features of their DE courses.
  • DE Resources - A collection of best practices, designing online courses, technology for DE, assessment in online courses, and more from UH Manoa General Education.

Google @ UH Apps is the University of Hawaii's Google for Education suite of Google apps, giving our email addresses/accounts access to Google's Core Apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites. Visit Google @ UH at

For accessing your Google @ UH Gmail, bookmark Alternatively, if you go to Gmail (, at the login screen, type your entire email address (and no password) to be re-directed to the UH login screen where you'll then enter just your UH username and password.

Instructions on how to add the Hawaiian Keyboard to produce Hawaiian diacritics.

Laulima is the University of Hawaii's collaborative learning management system, powered by Sakai. Visit Laulima at For specific questions and support, request assistance from Laulima Support.

Getting Started

Before the Semester

  • Set up a new Laulima course site
    1. Add tools
    2. Arrange tools in order
    3. Add your course content, materials, and activities using the Laulima tools. Some to start with include:
  • Copy content from a previous Laulima course site into a new one
    1. Identify tools. Before you can copy content from another Laulima site, you need to find out what tools are in that site so you can add those same tools to your current Laulima site. Go to the Laulima site you are looking to copy from and write down the tools you have in there. (Note: Don’t worry about the Web Content items.)
    2. Add tools
    3. Arrange tools in order
    4. Import content
    5. Re-publish content. After importing, your content will be saved as drafts. You'll need to go into each item for each tool to edit and then save/publish the items.

During the Semester

  • Request assistance should you need Laulima technical help. You can find the "Request Assistance" link at the bottom of every Laulima page.
  • Add a student or guest to your Laulima course site. Note: If a student added or dropped, do NOT add or remove a student from your Laulima site. Wait for Laulima to sync with UH Banner system. If it's still not updating, request assistance from Laulima Support.
  • How to avoid problems with copying/pasting from Word or websites into Laulima's text editor.
  • Tip: If students do not submit their assignments and you do not input a score, a dash will be marked by default; however, a dash does NOT count against the student's course grade. Instead, make sure to put zeros for items students didn't submit or receive a score for.

End of the Semester

Need more assistance?

Contact Laulima Support for specific questions by clicking on the Request Assistance link at the bottom of any Laulima webpage.


For the most current resources, go to the UH Accessibility site.


Instructional Technology Accessibility Statements