Instructional Design

The Educational Technology unit provides instructional design services for in-person, hybrid, and online courses include: course design, course re-design, and course review. Using a course design process is key in creating a quality course. An Educational Technologist will help you to align your course outcomes with appropriate learning objectives, assessments, activities, and materials.


Step 1: Contact an Educational Technologist.

  • Brent Hirata ( - Professional Arts and Technology and Social Sciences Divisions
  • Rachael Inake ( - Business and Language Arts Divisions
  • TBD ( - Arts & Humanities and Math & Sciences Divisions

Step 2: Meet with an Educational Technologist.

Step 3: Use the course design process. Together with an Educational Technologist, he/she will guide you in: mapping your course, outlining lessons, creating lessons, updating your syllabus and course schedule, using the Leeward DE Guidelines (for DE courses), teaching, reflecting, and iterating. You are encouraged to participate in other professional development, as needed.