Accelerated 5-Week Online Courses

In response to student needs, Leeward CC is piloting online 5-week courses, an accelerated path for students who may want to take courses in 5-week segments over the traditional 16-week. The Educational Media is partnering with Instructors to help them through the process of designing their courses for 5-week online delivery.

Beyond Accessibility Toward Inclusivity

The Educational Media Center created a website and professional development. They serve as a resource for Leeward Community College’s instructors as they create adaptable and flexible educational resources that can accommodate a diversity of learning styles and individual needs. Visit the Beyond Accessibility webpage for more information.

Distance Education, Revised

While Leeward has been actively providing Distance Education (DE) classes for over 20 years, the nature of DE has changed. In order to provide the best support services to instructors who teach online, the Educational Media Center in collaboration with the DE Committee revised the DE Guidelines for DE courses, the DE Peer Evaluation, and the DE Self-Assessment. Visit the Distance Education webpage for instructors for more information.

Open Educational Resources

The Educational Media Center in collaboration with the Library has led the Open Educational Resources movement in which the aim was to eliminate barriers to quality higher education through the adoption of open education practices including the use of open educational resources (OER) and open pedagogy. Under our guidance an OER Campus Committee was established to promote OER awareness, develop recommendations, guidelines, and standards for the integration and sustainability of OER across the curriculum. More recently, our focus has been on Open Pedagogy and OER Renewable Assignments. Visit the OER Project website for more information.

Reading Room

The Educational Media Center provides video services in support of the Leeward CC Reading Room, a collection of interviews and reading of literary works at Leeward CC.