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EMC Workshops on the Go

Wed, 2021-11-24 15:08
Join us for a new, microlearning workshop series featuring interactive activities using: Zoom.

Our first microlearning series consists of four instructional examples using the tools in Zoom to support interaction and engage your students in your Zoom classrooms. These include:

  • Stamps
  • Polling
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Remote Control
How This Works
  1. Simply register once for this workshop series by clicking the button below and you will receive an email on Mondays and Tuesdays (see dates below) featuring examples of using Zoom to support interaction and engage your students.
    • Monday 11/29: Stamps
    • Tuesday 11/30: Polling
    • Monday 12/6: Breakout Rooms
    • Tuesday 12/7: Remote Control
  2. When you receive the email, take some time to review the contents. Give it a try, too, and use the resources for additional help. Reflect on how you can apply it in your classes. Jot down some ideas.
    Come to our optional Virtual Open Lab (Zoom sync session) on Thursdays at 1:00-2:00 p.m. to further engage in your learning by practicing what you learned with your peers, asking questions, getting ideas for your classes, etc.

    • Thursday 12/2: Stamps and Polling
    • Thursday 12/9: Breakout Rooms and Remote Control
  3. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to earn a digital badge credential for this series by applying your learning. More details to come later for those who register.

Tech It Out Day 2021

Fri, 2021-09-24 14:22

Thank you to those who joined us at Tech It Out Day 2021! The website has been updated with session recordings and presenter resources. We hope you enjoyed “kicking the tires” on the latest and greatest educational technology. It’s always a pleasure to connect with colleagues who are driving innovative teaching! Tech It Out Day.

Encouraging Student Performance

Fri, 2021-09-24 14:14

Here is a fun idea to consider in order to encourage your students to strive for the highest outcome. The idea is to effectively integrate “exceeds proficiency” into your Laulima rubrics without including extra credit points. Also learn about a modern twist to a traditional bulletin board by creating a simple Google Doc sticker board that will motivate students to strive for excellence.

Tech Classroom + Hybrid Kit

Fri, 2021-09-24 09:41

For a number of years Leeward CC has maintained a type of technology classroom known as Smart Classrooms.  Leeward Smart Classrooms are classrooms that have been enhanced with college supported teaching technologies such as an internet connected computer (Macintosh with the option to load virtual Windows operating system), computer projector with screen, amplified speakers and a laser pointer. The college has begun phasing out Smart Classrooms and shifting to Tech Classrooms which are built upon a sustainable infrastructure.

Tech Classrooms include a college supported, internet connected computer (Macintosh with the option to load virtual Windows operating system), a laser video projector with screen, amplified speakers and a laser pointer. What you may not see on the surface is the behind the scenes infrastructure (cabling, software and controllers) that enable future replacement and upgrades to individual components over a longer period of time.

Speaking of time, as you are probably aware at this moment much of our college courses are being delivered online.  In planning for a future in which we will return to mix of online and in-person we may also experience growth in the hybrid delivery modality.  In support of hybrid delivery the college has assembled “Hybrid Kits” and integrated them into the Tech classrooms.  A Tech Classroom + Hybrid Kit is comprise of the Tech Classroom technologies with the addition of document camera, HDMI (input) capture card, a second web camera, a graphics tablet and a wireles lanyard microphone.

Learn more about thes Hybrid Kit technologies and how they can integrated into your hybrid teaching below.

Document Camera

Looking for a way to capture an object or a simple demonstration to share online through Zoom or through a classroom projector in a socially distanced classroom, consider using the Elmo document camera.  Document camera devices are a part of the Hybrid Kit installed in Tech Classrooms, in addition a limited amount that are available for loan through EMC AV Services.

Document cameras:

  • Are flexible, high resolution, easy to use.
  • Can be used with Zoom online conferencing.
  • Can zoom in and to show small details of three dimensional objects.
  • Have a high quality camera for capturing printed text.
  • Capture handwriting and diagrams written on paper (analogous to using an overhead).

(Full video 50 min.)

HDMI (input) Caption Card

Expand your presentation possibilities, incorporate video from auxiliary devices. Share content from a connected external video source through your Zoom session. The Hybrid Kit includes an HDMI (input) capture card that will allow you to accomplish this. In addition to this a limited number of capture cards available for loan through EMC AV Services.

Possible devices:

  • DVD or Blu-ray player
  • Camera
  • Document camera
  • Microscope
  • Laptop, Chromebook

(Full video 6 min.)

Second Camera

Step away from the lectern computer and be seen! Learn about our latest addition to the Hybrid Tech Classrooms, a tripod mounted camera and microphone. Great for capturing wide shots (with audio) of your in-room audience or of yourself teaching with Zoom. In addition to this a limited number of field kits with these Zoom video recorders are available as well as a few auto tracking OBSbot web cameras, available for loan through EMC AV Services.

Tripod mounted camera:

  • Can be used with Zoom for online conferencing.
  • Can be re-positioned to capture different perspectives.
  • Has a built in microphone.
  • Can be used for making recordings.

(Full video 5 min.)

Graphics Tablet

Hybrid Tech Classrooms are now equipped with a Wacom One graphics tablet. Experience writing, drawing diagrams or annotating on the Zoom whiteboard using a tablet and stylus (Tablet is approximately 6″ x 3.7″, not wireless). In addition to this a limited number of larger wireless graphics tablets available for loan through EMC AV Services.

(Full video 6 min.)

Wireless Microphone

Clear and intelligible audio is very important to remote audiences.  The Hybrid Kit includes a wireless lanyard microphone to support your movement throughout the classroom.

(Full video 2 min.)


Document Camera (Full video 50 min.)

(00:10) What can a document camera do? (02:00) How can I get access to an Elmo? (04:45) Modeling use of document camera supporting a learning activity. (09:22) Modeling Zoom Annotation. (08:30) Modeling Wacom tablet. (12:10) Alternatively consider writing or diagraming on plain white paper (13:29) Setting up Elmo camera (19:00) Audience engagement/ parts identification activity (22:40) Operating Panel (Buttons) (26:51) Audience engagement/ button identification (29:00) Connecting Ports (33:59) Supporting software (Zoom, Camera app) (38:00) Software for recording a stand alone video. (40:00) Q&A: capture and save a still image. (45:00) Q&A: on length of equipment loan. (47:22) Q&A: additional use of Wacom graphics tablet.

HDMI (input) Capture Card (Full video 6 min.)

Secondary Video Camera (Full video 5 min.)

Graphics Tablet (Full video 6 min.)

Wireless Microphone (Full video 2 min.)

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