Complete Report

The 476 page report in PDF format, with hyperlinks to all evidence and internal links to referenced sections and bookmark navigation. Accessible on tablet computers with a pdf reader app such as Good Reader.


Pages 1-101. Section includes Certifications, History of the College, Major Developments since 2006 Visit, Demographic Info and Achievement Data, Abstract, Organization of Self Evaluation, Responses to 2006 Recommendations and Evidence.

Standard I: Mission and Improving Institutional Effectiveness

Pages 102-163.

Standard II: Instructional Programs, Student Support Services, and Library & Learning Support Services

Pages 164-269.

Standard III: Resources

Pages 270-347. Section includes Human Resources, Physical resources, Technology Resources and Financial Resources

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance

Pages 348-395.

Actionable Improvement Plans

Pages 397-398; organized by Standards


Pages 399-401. Alphabet Soup


Pages 401-474