A Brief Overview of the Process

Throughout AY 2010-2011, Standards committee members began analyzing their assignments, gathering evidence and preparing the first draft. Teams comprised of faculty, staff, administrators and students ask questions such as:

  • Are students learning?
  • How do we know students are learning?
  • Are we doing what we say we are doing?
  • How well are we doing it?
  • What evidence supports our claims?

With honesty, energy and commitment from all the Self Evaluation teams, we collect information on the changes that have occurred on our campus, document how well we have met our goals, determine where we need to improve, and prepare ourselves for the future.

The self-evaluation is the first step in the accreditation process. The Self-Evaluation report was approved by campus governance groups and the Board of Regents before being submitted to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

In October 2012, the College will host an onsite visit from a commission evaluation team who will review our report and make recommendations for action.

Complete details of the process and timeline are contained in the Introduction section of the Self Evaluation report.

Leeward Notes, a primer on the accreditation process, which was created and distributed to the entire campus, is available for download.

Drafts of the Self Evaluation, along with a variety of materials that were shared during the process are stored on the college's intranet.

Self Evaluation Steering Committee Members

Barbara Hotta, Professor, Information and Computer Science
Accreditation Liaison Officer (2009-August 2010); Steering Committee Co-Chair (2010)

Donna Matsumoto, Associate Professor, English
Accreditation Liaison Officer (August 2010-present);, Steering Committee Co-Chair

Della Anderson, Interim Director of Planning, Policy, and Assessment
Steering Committee Co-Chair (January 2012-present); Chair, Standard II

Susan Wood, Associate Professor, English

Joseph (Kepa) Badis, Instructor, Hawaiian Language
Hawaiian Language Consultant

Leanne Chun, Associate Professor (Coordinator), Educational Media Center
Co-Chair, Standard I (2010-2011)

Roberta (Bobbie) Martel, Assistant Professor, Education
Co-Chair, Standard I (2010-2011)

Helmut Kae, Instructor, Biology
Co-Chair, Standard III

Cindy Martin, Professor (Coordinator), Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning
Co-Chair Standard III

Kay Ono, Associate Professor, Business Technology
Chair, Standard IV

Campus Representatives

Therese Nakadomari, IT Specialist
Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) Group

Janice Ito, Professor, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Division Chair
Representative, Campus Council

Cheryl Mokuau, Private Secretary, Office of the Chancellor
Representative, Administrative Support Group

Paul Lococo, Professor, History
Chair, Faculty Senate

Dorothy (Dottie) Sunio, Lecturer, Information & Computer Science and Business Technology
Representative, Lecturer Group

William (Bill) White
Representative, Operations and Maintenance Group

Genai (U‘ilani) Keli‘ikuli, Lecturer, Hawaiian Studies
Representative, Pūko‘a no nā ‘Ewa Council

Mike  Moser, Associate Professor
Representative, OCEWD

Sandy Hoshino, Professor, Business
Representative, Student Services

Tracy Imper, Student
President, Student Government

Bernadette (Bernie) Mack
Treasurer, ASUH-Leeward CC Student Government (2010-2011)

Gene Tijing
Senator, ASUH-Leeward CC Student Government (2011-present)

Kathleen Cabral, Marketing Officer, Office of the Chancellor

Kathy Hill, Interim Director of Planning, Policy, and Assessment
Office of Planning, Policy, and Assessment (2010-2011)

Guy Nishimoto, Institutional Effectiveness Officer
Office of Planning, Policy, and Assessment (2011-present)